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File # 350 - The Montebello City Hall is now opened for filming & the Mayor wants the Location community to know that the City will do everything possible to accommodate your shoot. Fortunately not only is the building film friendly but it also offers a variety of great spaces.

The glass & marble lobby opens on one side to tiered steps & a main – street, the other side to a beautifully landscaped area. High ceilings give it a very opened feeling. It can cheat a government building, a museum, an office building or any lobby that calls for a spacious feel.

The City Council Chamber is available for filming most days of the week & the City will consider moving Council meetings to accommodate filming schedules. The counter & reception area outside of the Mayor’s office can cheat an anti room in any government or business office. The Mayor’s office is large enough to hold the usual upscale office furniture plus a conference table.

There is a second conference room as well as a classroom in the building. There are several long hallways that are perfect for walk & talk scenes. An additional area, with a separate entrance, has a counter backed by a secretarial pool space, several private offices & a conference room. The exterior landscaped areas also provide for additional looks & shooting spaces.

To book this property, call 310.990.8788 and reference File #350






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