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Plan A Locations is now representing Andaz
Mezzanine & Conference Rooms

The freestanding staircase in the lobby leads to an ultra-modern mezzanine level. This floor reflects the hip, trendy feel that is the Andaz. From the furniture to the art- work to the metal chain curtain that runs the length of the front glass - wall this subtly says there is no chicer place to be.

This area can cheat an upscale architectís office or advertising agency. There is an elevator foyer that can allow it to be used as any type of office without going through the lobby. It is whatever you need it to be if itís clean, contemporary and upscale.

Off of this great area are three conference rooms. The first is a clean, simple conference room. Two walls are paneled and it has a very contemporary conference table and chairs.

The second conference room is substantially bigger. It has paneling surrounded by painted walls. There is a contemporary bar and a projection set-up at one end. A curtained off area sits off in one corner. The room is ringed with modern circular pillars. This space can b set up in a variety of ways depending on your needs.

The third conference room is again much larger and lends itself to a variety of looks. It has the paneling, the circular pillars, different sitting areas, ceiling art and much more. There is a marriage of carpet and wood flooring. It also has a wood bar running along one wall. The back wall has drapes that can be left open for a fabulous view of the Sunset Strip.

To book this property, call 310.990.8788 and reference File #302-04